Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Oprah and Don Draper Have in Common

Journaling. The pre-internet-blogging-for-one.

Yes, Mad Men has gone there. Draper (as I like to call him with a little extra emphasis on the DRA, making me sound like a 1920s newspaper editor) is now journaling and viewers have the privilege of hearing every thought he puts down on paper with help of voice-over magic. I was half paying attention to the show (thanks, Facebook) and I thought it was a commercial for a high-end car. But no, it was Draper! His narrative was quite profound, so much so that I can't remember any of it, except for something about everyone being ruined. I can't help but feel frustrated watching these scenes knowing that John Hamm is sitting at his pretend desk in his pretend apartment pretending to think. Maybe I'm jealous... I want a voice-over throughout my days, streaming each of my precious thoughts . Would it be better if John Hamm was hired to read the script? But I still don't think my voice-over, read by Mr. Hamm would be that profound. Is it because Matt Weiner isn't writing it? What would life be like if Matt Weiner wrote the script? Right now, my voice over is saying, "Jeez, I sound high," in John Hamm's voice, no less. And there you have it.

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