Sunday, January 4, 2009

New year, new beginings...

If you're reading this you probably survived the holidays. Good for you! I have to say, it's good to be back. Next to December (for Christmas), March (for my birthday), and November (for Thanksgiving which, when over, marks the start of the "Holiday Season"), January is my next favorite month. The whole new start, clean slate, unlimited possibilities stuff is very appealing to someone who's job it is to create change in the lives of others--mostly my own. Resolutions are particularly fun. A list of things that, if accomplished successfully, makes you the super you. Does anyone ever keep all of their resolutions? Honestly? Well, in the grand tradition of most publications, professional and/or amateur, here is my list of resolutions for oooh-nyene:

1. Do not make lofty resolutions like losing 40 pounds by only consuming the gases released by raw vegetables and running 20 miles daily, creating my own corporation that would be a direct Harpo competitor (watch out Oprah!), or completing my PhD in three months (talk about a pipe dream).

2. Change the world one blog entry at a time. To do this, I will need to blog more regularly. In the words of the genius 12-year-old, Tavi, "That's not a threat, that's a promise."

3. Find at least three creative outlets. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is big on defining things in lists and numbers. Three creative outlets is more concrete and goal-oriented than just "do more creative things." What are these outlets, you may be asking yourself. Good question. I'm asking that myself, too. I'd like these to be outside of blogging. So far I've come up with these three but this isn't in stone just yet: cooking, clothing, and cartooning. The three C's, naturally (another CBT classic: list things in threes that start with the same letter). Cooking= finding and making 1 new recipe a week. Clothing= developing my side gig clothing business...which is simply my selling clothes that don't fit me anymore because I bought them a size too small to begin with in hopes that it would inspire me to eventually fit into them. Translation: Selling clothes I've never worn that still have tags on them. Cartooning= drawing cartoons. A secret talent of mine is art and I used to cartoon just about everything: friends, work, name it.

4. Get outside more. Woops, too vague. CBT! CBT! Quantify, dammit! Uhhh, get outside at least three times a week. Ahh, much better. This can be combined with some form of physical activity (i.e. running...or walking fast, which is way more likely at this point, as in walking fast to get a cup of coffee) oooor not. After spending the over two weeks in the dreary, snowy, and freezing Long Island, I've discovered the wonders of Seasonal Affective Disorder. My very insightful mother shared with me, in her broken English, that she saw something on the news about people who get depressed in the winter and that "maybe that's what you are," as in me. That is what I am. "Do you mean S.A.D.?" I asked. "Yes! You are sad!" she exclaimed. "No! I meant Seasonal Affective Disorder!!!" I exclaimed back, now cracking up. She has a good sense of humor and cracked up, too. Oh, mom. You are adorable.

5. For this last one, I was going to say that I will have a better attitude toward graduate school, but why ruin a good comedic routine when you have one (or at least when you think you have one)? Instead, I will resolve to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. I'm am so going be to Oprah's replacement when she stops running the universe to marry Gayle and open their own restaurant in New Orleans named after her dogs (Sorry, O, just too easy. Please don't let this keep me from being on your show as either an expert or sad personal story! Haha, love you!--she says nervously). Seriously, without getting all Biggest Loser on you, I have found that graduate school is bad for my health. The stress is toxic and leads to many unhealthy habits (i.e. emotional eating, working instead of exercising, secretary's ass--think manifest destiny applied to your tush). So, I will try to find a balance, set boundaries, and put my health first. So there.

What are your resolutions? Oh, our time's up. We'll touch base on that next time.

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