Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Genetic Counseling: Brothers on Jeopardy! & Relaxation Techniques

I can honestly say that my older brother is a genius. He's always been a voracious reader since the ripe old age of 3. Brainiac, as I'll refer to him, used to get a sick joy from reading the World Book Encyclopedia, while I exercised my artistic muscle finger painting the walls. He once, to my mother's absolute dismay, gave a lecture to an entire New York City bus on where babies come from in painfully scientific detail, resulting in a roar of raucous applause from the passengers. Since then, he's fine focused his cerebral cravings to history (we're talking ALL histories, including world, American and ancient civilizations) and is now a history teacher in the New York City Public School system (go teaching fellows!). Additionally, he's been named a "Teacher Historian", who teaches history to other teachers and gets to go to museums, historical tours and receives tons of books for free, which is living the dream to Brainiac. He's always been a tough act to follow, academically speaking, but I couldn't be a prouder sister.

One could imagine the absolute joy I experienced when I received the news that Brainiac got accepted to be on Jeopardy!, the ultimate battle of wits to ever hit primetime television. I was screaming and laughing on the phone, while Brainiac, who always had a rather blunted emotional response to most things, chuckled. "Yep, it's finally happening." As I let the news sink in, I immediately wondered how I would feel to be in my brother's shoes, about to be on TV going up against other brains, with lights, and buzzers, and, worst of all, a live audience. "Are you nervous?" I asked, unsure of how Brainiac would respond. He's always been a cool cucumber, almost too cool. Seriously, the guy doesn't flinch to any emotional stimuli. It used to make my family worry, but then again, I made up for his lack of emotional expression with unadulterated emotive diarrhea. But this is Jeopardy!, perhaps it's a little scary? "Um, I dunno." Classic Brainiac response to a question about how he feels. "What do you mean? I could teach you some relaxation techniques?" Silence. Classic Brainiac response to what he thinks is an absolutely dumb comment--story of my life. "Okay. Jeopardy! Wow!" I continue emoting, what I do best.

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